Plantation and Making It Happen - a Team For Growth


Andy says "Joining the Making it Happen programme in January 2015, the depths of winter...
Steve and Joy quickly formulated a plan to focus our business for the year ahead.
Decisions, which had been difficult for us to make were soon clarified, thoughts and desires for improvements or changes – prioritised.

Your visit provided direction, renewed vigour, and enthusiasm.

We saw Joy on the Friday, and within two weeks we have made major inroads.

We changed the showroom entrance and exit to improve customer flow and to enable us to process customers more efficiently.

The shop has been reconfigured – and is working better – although we can change again having seen your Masterplan.

Exiting the ‘new way ‘to the Plantaria, and 1st impressions area – which was full of spring colour and worked exceptionally well – and it was our best February in 7 years!!!!

The Plant area was reduced significantly - a huge relief to us as it made the Planteria so much easier to manage and maintain.

The Plantaria pretty much follows your design, so think I have embraced your key points. – with just a few tweaks still required.

All landscaping displays of old have gone, creating the more open space etc... 40 tons of rubble!!! (2 days work 2 men with mini digger and powered barrow) The local Farmer also took the hardcore away!

By the end of the month we were 100% straight, clean and tidy – ready for the season.

We had it in mind to be ready for the 1st of March - Done!!!

The whole impression now is well stocked, yet not cramped, and has been well received by customers. The Centre now feels more boutique and far more efficient.

Whilst this Season has perhaps not been the best of British seasons, we have had our best and most profitable over our eight years.

With Steve’s assistance, we have been more focused on our marketing, stock procurement, wastage and staffing costs.

We still have a long way to go on the journey. As a small family business, we are moving forward at a pace to suit, and with the knowledge support from Garden Retail Success is only a phone call away!"


- Andy Yates, Plantation Garden Company, Cheshire, UK


Click on each image to pop-up the photo. "Before" February 2015; "After" May 2015 shows the results from hard graft and focused activity in a short period of time