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We have teamed up with More People to offer the 'Making It Happen' mentoring programme in the UK.

MorePeople's training division, MorePerformance have developed a range of class leading training and development programmes that they've been delivering to some of the UK's leading fresh food and horticultural businesses since 2004.

That's a proven track record of success in these sectors that no other training business in the UK can match.

They are owned and managed by industry experienced professionals and that means they have a clear understanding of the demands and pressures faced by both companies and individuals who operate in these dynamic and sometimes challenging sectors.

It’s this experience that enables them to help their clients develop the right training and development solutions for their business and their employees.

Whereas their award winning training programmes are targeted firmly at the people who work in the garden centre and have to deal with customers on a day to day basis, the ‘Making It Happen’ Programme is designed to help out the people who have the task of running the garden centre – the owner or manager
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