Premises Development

Making your customers feel good is just as important as taking their money!

If they feel good, they will stay longer, and buy more. Buying decisions are influenced more by what people feel than what they know. It’s all about Ambience – The Feel Good Factor!

How do we provide a pleasant ambience? A pleasant atmosphere is created by a combination of the following:
  • Building - light and airy; high ceiling – non claustrophobic!
  • First impressions - the ‘Wow’ factor at the car park; at the shop  entrance; when entering the outdoor sales area.
  • Colours - avoid dark green, brown, black or oppressive colours;  use bright, modern, lifestyle colours
  • Layout - lead your customers around your store; make it easy and convenient to shop; entice your customers with attractive displays  
  • Signage -  a colourful, integrated signage system
  • Colours -  consistent with your brand and image
  • Covered External Shopping - a pleasant space on windy, wet days; customers stay longer, buy more. 
  • Paving clearly defined pathways - smooth, even surfaces; coloured, attractive finishes. 
  • Merchandising - attractive displays; vertical merchandising, colour blocking. 
  • Structures and Features - gazebos and arbours; seats and display gardens; water features and sculpture. 
  • Music - easy listening and relaxing


Get all these right and your customers won’t want to leave!