A Business is a Marketing Organism
“Every Behaviour has a marketing effect”  

 This comment by Brian Meredith of the Marketing Bureau caught our eye.

When we think of marketing in the majority of garden centres, we think of planned promotions and advertising.

But actually everything that happens in garden retail store, everything that it is, thinks, says and does and everything staff think, say or do has a marketing effect.

Layout, signage, product presentation, customer service, ambience, services, staff relationships with customers all have an effect. They are either positive or negative effects, never neutral.

Stores often lack ambience and a good customer vibe simply because every single person working in the store is not engaged with the concept of a marketing state of mind.

Why is it so important? Income comes from customers – as we often say, the person with the cash is KING. Without them we are not in business.

Customers like to be welcomed, considered and delighted by every aspect of your store and your team - who are their hosts.

Your brand, income, and resource levels will be affected if you leave this to chance.

Every behaviour, whether tone of voice, attitude, pricing, product or delivery service – everything – will have only a positive or negative effect.

Plan, train, encourage absolutely everyone in your business to be mini marketing managers.

Customer first, always thinking what they can do to present product with appeal and inspiration, lift their game to offer the best customer service, be professional in the way they work, understand the importance of knowledge and information.

Manage it well and your business will enjoy the benefits.