What picture do your customers have of your business?

IMG_0435.JPGHow often have I seen customers at the checkout start to write out a cheque 

and turn to the sales assistant and say “What’s the name of this place?”


Do your customers know who you are?

Strong identification, and an easily recognized and remembered brand, go a long wa

y to ensuring your customers come back and shop regularly.


You need to paint your business in your customers’ minds.

Naturally the image you paint in your customers’ minds should be pleasant and friendly, and consistent with your Business Plan. 

Your picture should reflect your market position.

How can this be done?

Consider the following:-


  • Name: - an appropriate name, easily remembered. 

  • Logo: - simple, bold, with unique colours 
  • Building: - a unique and interesting building
  • Colours: - that stand out, and are easily recognized
  • Signage: - simple, bold, clean, easy to read

Make sure you paint the right picture of your business in your customers ‘minds.