Trade Associations & Groups

Trade Associations and Groups are made up of individuals often from diverse backgrounds and situations and varying levels of expertise. Bringing these diverse interests together in a focussed manner with a clear vision, and developing a strategy for implementation has always been a major challenge.

Garden Retail Success has a record of success, assisting Trade Associations and Garden Centre Groups in four countries for almost 20 years. This success has been due to our skills in the following areas –

  • An in depth understanding of the garden retail industry
  • Detailed, factual information based on key performance indicator benchmarking
  • Customer focus groups
  • Accurate and meaningful interpretation of consumer research
  • Facilitation and communication skills especially in ‘change’ implementation
  • Broad expertise covering – horticulture, garden retail products, store layout & design, customer service, merchandising, marketing, strategic business planning, operations and financial management.



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