training.jpgThe training is customer oriented with a practical and implementation focus.

Training provided to garden retailers in industry or group workshops, or for individual garden centres in-house. The in-house training is always much more effective because all or most of the staff can be included; the training is focused to the individual garden centres circumstances; and the owner is involved and fully committed.


Garden Retail Management

Covers all elements of management: planning, marketing, financial, people management, and operations


Handy Hint

This year why not create a holiday tool box file on your computer to list everything you should remember and plan for leading up to the end of the year or before you go on holiday.
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Horticulture & Product Knowledge

Presented in a manner that is easily understood, practical, and in language and terms that can be used to pass information on to customers. It covers soils, fertilisers, pest control, watering, tools, aids, major plant groups, and design principles.



Selling Skills

These are often linked to customer care, but are actually a separate skill set. Training provides staff with the confidence to approach customers; present the merchandise; handle objections; close the sale and add on link sales. Full of practical tips! 


Customer Care

Much more than greeting and smile training, it includes establishing and embedding a customer care culture. It is critical that the owner is involved because without the owner’s commitment to good customer care, it will never happen.

Here are some of the secrets to building a good customer care culture in your organisation: Creating a Culture of Customer Care


Customer service is also much more than the interaction of serving a customer. Focus groups suggest customer satisfaction can come from areas least expected: Getting Customer Service Right

Merchandising in Garden Retail

Training covers the principles of merchandising; illustrations of good merchandising for all product groups; then practical exercises with staff’ culminating in group critiques of the practical work.

An aspect to merchandising plants that is often overlooked is the use of good fit for purpose display fixtures that are clean and tidy; well merchandised and signed to greatly increase sales Read more....  

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