Celebrate Shrubs

Shrubs are so useful we often take them for granted rather than rave about their benefits


Shrubs are trending, in fact many garden designers say it’s all about shrubs this year.
There's a trend away from naturalistic perennials and grasses to shrubs providing accent, structure and texture to the garden.

For many of us, flowering beauties - camellias, rhododendrons and azaleas - are readily available in our stores now. It’s the time to encourage customers to think about the benefits of evergreen shrubs. For the northern hemisphere, Autumn isn’t far away either so let’s start thinking about displays and promotions to get people planting shrubs.

Shrubs provide
  • structure for the garden – they are the backdrop and backbone of every garden
  • shelter for smaller and tender plants
  • habitats for wildlife
  • value for money, giving years of pleasure - and all year round
  • enormous pleasure – many are perfumed and loads have beautiful flowers
  • are ideal for containers
  • come in a range of colour and foliage
  • define space, especially if they are clipped for hedges and edges or featured in large pots
  • can be shaped for interest – standards, topiary, clipped balls and pyramids
  • are low maintenance – easy care, save effort and time, most just require a light trim

There are shrubs for every season and every use and there’s a multitude of ways you can display them in store. Display by end use; create hot spots of stunning stock; shout about their easy going nature and many benefits through signs; offer a selection of shrubs in a range of containers ‘easy care and ready to go;’ write about them in newsletters and promote with social media. Remember your garden care products for add-value sales too. The bottom line is - increased sales – especially contributing to lifting your average sale.
- Joy Lamb