That's a Good Garden Centre

How do customers judge what is a good garden centre?


Is it an exceptional in-store experience, is it because staff ‘know their stuff there’; is it the personalities that work in the store, is it the ambience and product presentation? Is it customer service and the helpful nature of individual staff members?

People’s perception of a good store or a good retail experience has changed immensely in the last five years. It’s much tougher to retain their loyalty these days with the increasing developments of mobile technology and online shopping. More than any time in history, shopping has become a popular leisure pastime, bricks and mortar and online. More and more, everyone is becoming expert at it. 

So how do retailers keep up with this pace and provide an exceptional experience

Engagement - immediate friendly acknowledgement; a feeling of great hospitality; easy contact options to provide the support people need; leaving them in no doubt you give good service; care about them and show it; events for engagement, interest and learning; connection externally through newsletters and social media

Practical excellence– levels of assistance to find the right product; information and knowledge available if they need it; presentation that appeals and inspires; convenience for them not you; electronic records for loyalty club members.

Brand experience – consistency; a different or exciting store design; fit for purpose fixtures and shopping carts; a smooth transition from online to in-store shopping; value and quality; the convenience of modern technology.

Expediting – ensure the time customers spend in your store is efficient – short waiting times, no queues. Create systems and processes; advice available digitally; self check-out options; hassle free processes for returns and complaints.

Solving problems - through end use and information signage; information brochures and instore screens; simple apologies; compensate no question when customers are inconvenienced.

Keep learning about the people you are selling to. Find out all the conveniences that appeal when they are shopping. Find out what they like / require / need / want for their garden and home. Learn the best ways to engage with them and their families.

Make every visit pleasantly memorable and they won’t have a reason to shop anywhere else.